5 Qualities of a Good Charlotte IT Support Technician

A Charlotte IT Support Technician will have a number of specific responsibilities within an organization, such as installing, testing, and maintaining the computers, networks, and programs used to store, send, and receive information. However, to excel in support like at it support boston the skills of a technician have to go beyond solving these tasks. They must possess certain qualities that support their skills and technical knowledge.

Next, we leave you with the five qualities a good IT technician must-have, the same ones that prospects must have to enter a new company.


The technical support will be independent and in charge of their own time management. They need to be flexible, as Non-business hours problems are common and often arise outside of regular work hours. Furthermore, technicians will mostly work by themselves.

That is why discipline plays a very important role in the skills of an employee in this area, in addition to the ability to prioritize tasks to meet deadlines. If a technician is disciplined, he will be trustworthy.


Ability to solve problems

The job of a technician is to deal with the failures and make sure that all the technologies are working perfectly. This implies possessing analytical skills. Candidates likely to enter a business must be able to solve a problem and stick with it until the customer is satisfied. Being able to make a diagnosis and figure out how to solve the situation are characteristics that they must have. Unusual crises and failures will be your litmus test.

Attention to details

Many IT failures have their origin in small and almost imperceptible errors that will affect the performance of a program or a web page. A great technician must pay close attention to be able to detect what is wrong.

Ability to communicate effectively

An IT technician will represent a company to users, an intermediary between them and the department. Communication is critical to problem-solving, hence the importance of knowing how to listen correctly. Deciphering what is happening by listening to the client and translating it into the appropriate language for their superiors is decisive. Being able to explain what happens in simple words is also very valuable, as this way they will be able to educate the user and provide them with some knowledge. They must also bear in mind that they will often deal with angry and stressed people, so they must be prepared.

Passion for technology

Technology is always changing, so support staff will need to stay up-to-date to handle the most advanced devices and programs. A good IT technician gets excited about new trends and tries all the time to stay up-to-date. Technology is your life.

The qualities of a good IT technician are the key to finding a very attractive job at a reputable company.