On-Site IT Services What’s that?

When we are interested in being part of the IT world in a professional way, it is common to find vacancies such as Site Engineer, Site Support, or Site Technical Support. Has it happened to you? Do you want to know if this position is for you? Let's find out what this position is about.

What is an on-site support engineer?

A Site Support engineer or technician is one who is responsible for providing assistance and support for the purpose of enabling IT services for users on site of an organization (office, plant, or corporate). They are also known as the second level.

5 Activities of an on-site engineer

  1. IT support in-person to users
  2. Technical support to networks and infrastructure
  3. IT inventory management 
  4. IT vendor management
  5. Continuous improvement project management

5 Responsibilities of an on-site engineer

  1. Attention to users: Direct contact with users to solve incidents.
  2. Maintenance of computer equipment: Ensure that the equipment is free of dust and dirt, both inside and outside, and that they are always at an optimal level so that they can be used.
  3. Mastery of operating systems at the administrator level: Configure and design processes, as well as how to manage the memory of the equipment, the synchronization, and communication between devices.
  4. Network installation and configuration: Maintain an efficient, secure, and constantly monitored local network. Generally, it works with LAN / WLAN / Wireless type networks.
  5. Implementation of preventive and corrective systems.

These are the five most common tasks; however, they can increase or decrease depending on the organization.